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Examples of Letters People are Writing to Michael Moore
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Dear Michael Moore,

I am a great fan of "Bowling for Columbine" and am very pleased that you have taken on the 9-ll issue. Since I came home from a peace mission to Baghdad in January 2003, before the invasion, I have believed that only a true understanding of the Bush Administration's relation to 9/11 would show to the country the real reasons for the war, and how misguided they were. I have read Dr. Griffin's book, and much other information. I hope you will be willing to spearhead a popular movement to lead our nation to truth and wisdom.

Stratham, NH


Dear Mr. Moore,
I am writing you to with a heavy burden on my heart and soul.  I have heard of your new movie coming out about the Bush Saudi connection.  While you have been busy doing your research for that film, I have been studying the events of 9/11 on my own.  Long story short my whole world view has been dramatically changed to say the least. 
I would like to share with you a brief history of events in my life since 9/11.  Like most people I was freaked out by what happen.  So much so that I decided to join the military and I did.  I was sworn into the US Naval Reserves on 9/28/01. Had I been just a few months younger I would have joined full time.  I had just turned 35 before 9/11 happened. The ugly truth is I let anger take over and I was ready to go out and get some of those Arab’s that had brought that terrible day upon us, so I thought.
Well, life went on and about one and a half years later I heard a guy on the radio that questioned the official story of what happened that day.  His name is Alex Jones, you have probably heard of him.  So I listened to him for a few months and then I decided to buy his videos and see what he had to say.  I was blown away by what he claimed in his films and started buying a bunch of books and other videos that questioned the official story. 
Having spent much time studying a bunch of stuff on the net combined with an assortment of books and videos I find myself not trusting those elected to govern us.  Oh, I wanted to mention that I have been a life long Republican.  I have voted straight ticket Republican since I turned 18.  I know, how foolish.  Like most in our country I only listened to sound bytes and never took the time to look at the details.  I had been duped for all of my life until last year.
In closing I just wanted to beg you take a look at a new book that is out.  The New Pearl Harbor by David Ray Griffin is a must read for anyone seeking truth about why 9/11 happened.  I have it and I have read it.  The book summarizes much of what I have learned over the last year.  Sadly there is much more that has been documented that truly puts the official story of events in it proper light, a big lie!  What’s so crazy and depressing for me is most don’t have a clue that we have been lied to in a huge way. 
I am just an average guy.  I work two jobs to keep my head above water.  When I am not working I am a part time activist trying to get people to look the many oddities of the terrible day.  I am on a mailing list from the good folks at .  They sent me a note telling me about your new film and asked me to contact you.  Please sir, the world is so screwed up maybe you can use your popularity to help stop WWIII, by exposing the many oddities about 9/11. 
Lynn Berry
Albuquerque, NM


Dear Mr. Moore,

I am among millions of Americans who keep ourselves informed reading all your books and watching all your powerful documentaries, along with following the work of other award-winning journalists such as Amy Goodman, the host of "Democracy NOW!" ( and co-author with her journalist brother, David Goodman, of "The Exception to the Rulers: Exposing Oily Politicians, War Profiteers, and the Media That Love Them."

We applaud you, Mr. Moore, for the risks you take on our behalf to expose the truth. I want to convey my personal thanks for your integrity and courage.

I'm sending you a letter (see below) written to you by the members of the 9-11 Visibility Project Team. I endorse their
letter which speaks to the heart of the matter: What did Bush, Rice, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rove, Powell know and when did they know it?

The almost three years of stonewalling by the White House on the 9-11 investigations, and the persistent *refusal* to answer
questions from the families of the 9-11 victims, and do so publicly and under oath -- these actions are a colossal and galling *disservice* to the American people.

I urge you to please support the work of the 9-11 Visibility Project Team.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Wishing you continuing success,

Manjusree Sen
Cambridge MA


Dear Michael Moore,

You have performed many great services to your country. None could be greater, nor of more urgent importance, than your current attention to getting the truth out about 9/11.

Many people in the US and in the international community are very clear in their assessment of what happened that day. At the very least, all the evidence points to US government complicity by omission if not outright commission. One has only to look at the lack of serious official investigation into this greatest of American tragedies to start being suspicious. And there is a virtual mountain of unanswered questions boiling on the Internet.

Conspiracy theorists always get pooh-poohed but far more often than not history proves that they were right. I believe guilt is written all over George Bush's face. From the moment in that Florida classroom to the present day.

I thank you for your vital contribution to this fight.

I applaud your courage.

Go get 'em!

Alan Scarfe,
Saturna Island
BC, Canada


Dear Mike,

I am a former USAF fighter pilot who spent more than three years flying combat missions during the Vietnam War.  I flew the F-105, the largest single seat, single engine fighter ever built. It would hold more bombs than the B-17 of WWII and would go mach 2.1.  It was really a thrill to fly. Our mission was to take the war to the homeland of the enemy, North Vietnam.  That is why we lost so many. They built about 800 of them and about 600 of them got shot down during the war.  We lost about half of our squadron’s pilots every month to targets like the Hanoi radio station. (Knocking that out would certainly make them want to surrender!)  I went over there a patriot and came back confused, betrayed and disabled as a result.  I turned to alcohol and drugs to try to erase the memories and to try to forget the betrayal I felt. I lost all respect for and trust of our government. (The book, “Thud Ridge”, by Jack Broughton, gives an accurate picture of what the F-105's did there, the restrictions put on us and what we were up against.)
I completely understand what Senator Kerry did when he came back from there.  He saw how the war was being run and our soldiers being killed and maimed for nothing.  They wouldn’t let us win it.  They wanted it to last as long as possible so defense contractors could rake in the money.  McNamara had close ties to them as he was a former CEO of General Dynamics. Cheney, Rice and Bush have close ties to big oil. 
I see alarming parallels to the “war” in Iraq.  So, I question the reasons we have been given for this war.  I don’t know why we took Iraq, but I do know that it wasn’t for any of the reasons Bush has given us so far.  I have serious questions about 9/11 too.  That is why I am writing you.
As a 9/11 activist I regularly receive email updates and action alerts from “”.  I want to do all I can to help expose the Bush Crime Family to the rest of the nation for what they are and their involvement in the 9/11 tragedy.  I can’t believe that Bush and his administration have fooled so many people for so long.  It is very disturbing. 
I purchased a SIRIUS satellite radio a few months ago and I listen to Talk Left regularly.  Now that they carry Air America Radio, I listen to that too. Anyway, I heard yesterday that there is still large segments of the population out there that believe Saddam supported al Qaeda and was even in on 9/11.  Bush and Cheney have both publicly said that Iraq was not involved.  The propaganda that the Republicans have spewed out is working.  Doesn’t this sound familiar….Hitler, early thirties?  What can we do to get the truth out?
Something has to be done to take our country back.  With the recent Supreme Court’s decision regarding redistricting, the Republicans are in a position to take over the whole country and we will be helpless to stop them.  I fear that we will become a one party nation, under God, under Jesus, then, under the Baptists.  This is scary! Our nation will then stand for judgementalism, hypocrisy and intolerance.
I have another question concerning the war. I believe that every newspaper in the country should have what this war is costing us in human terms on the front page every single day.  They should have the number killed today and to date, the number wounded today and to date and the number of casualties for all causes, killed, wounded, injured sick, nuts, etc. today and to date.  I understand we have sustained 18,000 casualties, but it isn’t in a single newspaper or on the evening news.  WHY NOT?  Is Bush censoring the media to keep his popularity from dropping or are they just irresponsible?  We have the right to know the real cost of this war and the media should remind us every single day.
I have another concern, Ralph Nader.  It appears that had he stayed out of the 2000 race, Gore would have won.  Now it looks like history may be repeating itself.  Why is this guy running?  Is Bush paying him to stay in the race to take votes away from Kerry?  I smell a rat here.  He has NO chance, but him being in there could insure Bush's re-election.  Surely he doesn't want that or does he??? Is there anything that can be done?
I commend you for your efforts and I look forward to seeing your new movie, “Fahrenheit 911”.  I thank you for taking on this issue.  There are so many unanswered questions concerning 9/11.  If our intelligence failed so badly, why haven’t heads rolled?  Perhaps they were ordered to look the other way?  What about the Saudi connection? Why did Bush and Cheney appear before the 9/11 Commission together? I am beginning to believe that the Bush administration is responsible for 9/11to get the Patriot Act passed to reduce our freedoms, to up his declining popularity and so they would have an excuse to take Iraq.  It is the only scenario that makes any sense.  I wouldn’t put anything past these people.
I hope that you will continue to look into the issues surrounding 9/11 and our massacre of Iraq.  I appreciate your efforts and your patriotism.  Thank you, Mike.
Charles Metzger
Keithville, Louisiana


Dear Mr. Moore,

I've been a loyal fan of yours since the "Roger & Me" days. I can't wait to see "Farenheit 911". As I am sure you've received many letters on this subject I will keep it brief: Please do all you can to spread the idea that the Bush administration and other areas of the gov't may have been complicit in the crimes of Sept. 11. There is much evidence that the events of that day did not actually happen the way they are told in the "official" story. You are in a unique position to get the word out.

Please, the world needs you now!


Patrick Ford
El Cerrito, CA


Hello Michael Moore,
As you have undoubtedly noticed, organized 9/11 activists are e-mailing you just now. This campaign is based on rumors/perceptions that your upcoming movie may stop at the Saudi connection and ignore the massive evidence of Bush administration complicity.
I am pasting below the letter from the 911 Visibility Project. I expect I won't be the first to forward it to you, but I think it's well argued and well written.
I hope it will interest you to hear that as of two days ago I am a candidate for the US House of Representatives. I have filed for the Democratic primary in North Carolina's 8th district. As of right now, the Board of Elections website shows no other Democrats filing. There is still another week until the end of the filing period. My own name doesn't appear yet. I sent off my papers by registered mail Friday. I am emphasizing 9/11 and the "war on terror". I am also a labor candidate, a fair trade candidate, a civil liberties candidate, and above all, an anti-fascist candidate. Ideologically, I call myself a deconcentrationist. That means I fight against concentration of power, concentration of wealth, and concentration camps.
Like most politicians, I welcome interviews.
When I talk to people about 9/11, I try to start by arguing from facts most people already know. I point out that the official story is implausible because the attacks make no sense as an act of war. I contrast them with Pearl Harbor, which (although Roosevelt knew it was coming and even consciously tempted the Japanese by moving the fleet to Pearl) was a real opening attack in a real war, by a power that actually stood a chance of taking us on in a war. The Japanese targeted only the United States, struck a major blow to our warmaking capability, and followed it up with a credible war effort.
9/11 was nothing of the kind. The attacks targeted a building complex with more international occupancy than any in this country except maybe the United Nations. What are we to believe was the objective? To start a war with the whole world at once? It makes no sense on its face. Unless, that is, it was an orchestrated provocation intended to galvanize global support for the US actions that were to follow. Seen that way, it makes sense.
The attack on the Pentagon? Why the part with the least occupancy? Why no other military targets? Why no followup attacks? Again, makes no sense as the opening attack in a war. But, it makes perfect sense as part of an orchestrated provocation -- the object being to enable the Bushies to claim we're at war, with minimal damage to our actual warmaking capability.
Finally, if the perpetrators were the Afghani, the Saudi, or the Iraqi government, what are we to suppose they intended as an outcome? Wouldn't anybody predict precisely what happened -- invasion of their countries by a vastly more powerful military, and their own removal from power? Who in this situation was prepared for a war? The subsequent events have left no doubt.
So my case against the Bush junta is simple: The events make no sense as anything but an orchestrated provocation, and there is only one entity in the situation with motive for that. End of argument, far as I'm concerned.
Add to that a bit of information that is not common knowledge -- the connections between Huffman Aviation operator Rudi Dekkers and the CIA (maintenance contract with Caribe Air), organized-crime-linked military contractors (his backer Richard Boehlke), and Katherine Harris; the evidence of the alleged hijackers getting training at US military facilities; and the evident stand-down of the Air Force -- and the case gets really strong.
I am fascinated by all the other details of the events, and believe they all deserve investigation, but all it really takes to see this for what it is, is to look at the stuff everybody already knows, from an angle most people haven't considered.
I'm telling people they should vote for me because I'm like a little girl. Specifically, the little girl in the Hans Christian Andersen story about the emperor's new clothes. I'm the initially unwelcome voice that shatters the brainwashers' spell by calling people's attention to the evidence already right in front of them.
I welcome any opportunity to discuss these matters further with you.
Mark Ortiz
Kannapolis, NC

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