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Countdown to the 9-11 Commission Whitewash!

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The 9-11 Commission was created by Congress and signed into law by the President on November 27th, 2002. Its very existence is the result of pressure put on the White House by the victims' families struggling for the truth. Many people—including ourselves—had hopes that the commission would do their job. After over a year, it is now clear they have no intention of doing a real investigation.

For example, they have capitulated to Bush's refusal to hand over the Presidential Daily Briefings (PDBs), crucial documents that could explain what the Bush Administration knew prior to the attacks. Likewise, they have failed to obtain answers from the FAA and NORAD regarding the suspicious and unprecedented air defense failures that took place on 9-11. They also have refused to demand that the Federal Exchange Commission reveal the names of the individuals who shorted United and American Airlines stock in the days prior to 9-11. This list of failures goes on, and it is clear that the myraid of unanswered questions surrounding 9-11 will not be answered by this commission.

It is with much regret that we report our total loss of hope for this commission, and we state unequivocally that on the May 27th it will have failed in its mandate. Their final report in all likelihood will be a whitewash.

We wish to thank everyone who responded to our earlier action alerts and sent letters to Tom Daschle urging him to appoint 9-11 widow Kristen Breitweiser to the commission, and to the commission members themselves urging them to demand access to the PDBs. While these efforts failed, we nevertheless let them know they were being observed, and that there exists a growing citizens' movement determined to expose the truth about 9-11!

Thanks and remember now is no time to let up. In particular it's now time to lend as much support as we can to Ellen Mariani's lawsuit. Together we will succeed!


The 9-11 Visibility Project team.
January 6, 2004

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